May 242011

Personally I’ve been using Windows for quite a while now. I started back in the days with MS-DOS 3.1. Later on going all the way from Windows 95 to Windows 7. Since Windows XP I started dual booting Suse Linux 8 and FreeBSD 5 and my own dedicated Server running Debian Etch. So far I’d say that I’ve seen the common Operating Systems.

My student job was as a Windows Admin, where I learned a lot about Windows (and I liked it). Later on I had to learn a lot about Linux (mainly RHEL), since I’m a IT-Security Consultant and most “secure” servers require Linux knowledge.

So what did I miss? BSD/HPUX/Solaris? Maybe, but I’d prefer giving Mac OS X a try. I’ve seen many people switching over to Mac, but don’t know why. What I noticed is, that most Mac users don’t know that features they miss on Linux/Windows exist, but they don’t know about it. On the other side I noticed, that I don’t know much about Mac OS X.

Therefore I decided to go for a Mac and blog about it. What make’s the difference here is, that I know a lot about Linux and Windows. Let’s check those Mac-Myths!

These Mac’s seem intressting:

Mac Mini: Small and powerfull. Neat design.
MacBook Air: Decent design, but just 2 USB Ports. Needs many adapters. Not as cheap as the others.
MacBook Pro: Aluminium Body, powerfull and durable.
MacBook: The cheapest. Pastic Body. Fair design. Nice price.

I’ll drop the Mac Mini, because I don’t have a spare TFT/Keyboard/… and go for the cheap white plastic MacBook.

Let’s see what I can get on Ebay…