Jan 222012

As I see, some people came here looking for Teamviewer Downloader, I’d like to wrap things up a bit:

What is Teamviewer Downloader?
Teamviewer Downloader is an Android App written by me, which lets you easily download the Teamviewer App, which was – at the time of creating the app – not available in the Android market.

What happened to Teamviewer Downloader?
At first Teamviewer went into the Android market itself, making it easy for everyone to download it. They then wrote me an email, asking me to remove my Teamviewer Downloader, which I did (actually they were not asking “kindly”, they were threatening me with legal copyright laws, but I don’t give a f*** ;)).

So it is no longer available in the market, because it is no longer needed! If you still want to use it, here it is:
Teamviewer Downloader

Also check out my great Rambo “Blue Light” App (What is this? Blue light. What does it do? Shines blue.):
Rambo Blaues Licht/Blue Light