Jul 272012

A short update on my previous post:

FreeCloud works perfectly, while I experience some issues with OwnCube. Sometimes it seems like I lose connection, so I created a cronjob to remount the drive every 24 hours. In order to have it run automaticly without me typing my credentials I had to add

https://getfreecloud.com/files/webdav.php <USERNAME> <PASSWORD>
https://owncube.com/files/webdav.php <USERNAME> <PASSWORD>

at the end of /etc/davfs2/secrets

Further you want a script where you can put all the mount commands. Mine looks like this:

umount /home/USERNAME/fc24/
umount /home/USERNAME/oc24_decfs
umount /home/USERNAME/oc24/
mount.davfs https://owncube.com/files/webdav.php /home/USERNAME/oc24/ -o uid=USERNAME,gid=USERNAME
mount.davfs https://getfreecloud.com/files/webdav.php /home/USERNAME/fc24/ -o uid=USERNAME,gid=USERNAME
echo “<ENCFS_PASSWORD>” | encfs /home/USERNAME/oc24/encfs /home/USERNAME/oc24_decfs –public
exit 0

Now you can add this script to your root’s crontab (crontab -e –> 45 2    * * *   /home/USERNAME/cloud_remount.sh 2>&1 for example).