Nov 162021

After upgrading from Debian 10 Buster to Debian 11 Bullseye I noticed that one of my scripts wasnt running any more. It is sending XMPP messages using Python 2.7 and its xmppp library. Debian 11 doesnt support python2 any longer. Changing the script to python 3 using 2to3 wasnt did not show any issue – except that it wasnt running / hanging during connection init. Since I had no time to debug the script I downloaded python2, pip2 and xmppy for python2 using:

apt install curl -y
curl --output
pip2.7 install xmpppy

It is funny to inspect the – it is in fact a ZIP file :) Have a look yourself

PS: Oh and nginx site configuration needs to be changed if you used php-fpm7.3 (now 7.4)