Nov 142013

nodejs seems to be missingoutdated (v0.6.19 vs v0.10.29) in the official repositories, but you can build it from source quite fast:

Make sure you have python g++ make and checkinstall (apt-get install python g++ make checkinstall)

mkdir ~/src && cd $_
wget -N
tar xzvf node-latest.tar.gz && cd node-v*

Now the version has to be set manually, removing the “v”, else debian will complain that version is not starting with a digit.
(wait long long time to compile)
sudo dpkg -i node_*

nodejs should now be available on your system :-)
Btw, it does not compile on ARM: ../deps/v8/src/arm/ error: #error “For thumb inter-working we require an architecture which supports blx”

Now you can install mindmaps ( or other cool stuff :)

Mindmaps “quickinstall”:
wget “”
cd mindmaps-master/
npm install -g node-static
npm install

I really like mindmaps. Here is a demo!

Voila, finished :)