Sep 202013

Make your VMs boot faster and disable PXE booting! This KB article explains how to do it.

Basicly you
echo "ethernet0.opromsize = \"0\"" >> <your VM directory>\<your VM>.vmx

To remove Network boot from appearing in a virtual machine’s BIOS:

Power off the virtual machine.
Open the virtual machine’s configuration (/vmfs/volumes/{datastore UUID}/{VM Dir}/{VM Name}.vmx ) file in a text editor. For more information, see Tips for editing a .vmx file (1714).
If the virtual machine is using a VMXNET device, ensure you append the corresponding line below depending on the VMXNET device used.
For example:

vmxnet.noOprom = “true”
vmxnet2.noOprom = “true”
vmxnet3.noOprom = “true”

Note: This disables network boot for all VMXnet NICs.

If the virtual machine is using an e1000 device, append the line ethernet0.opromsize with “true”.

For example:

ethernet0.opromsize = “0”

Note: If you have multiple NICs in e1000 specify the NIC number for disabling. The network boot is only disabled for that NIC.

Power on the virtual machine and boot into the virtual machine’s BIOS. The Network boot option is unavailable.